Cherry is one of the healthiest food in the world.

Cherries contain vitamins A, B and C, and in addition antioxidants, potassium, calcium, iron and minerals.

For Your health, cherry is best to eat raw, not thawed or processed in any way, for that reason we recommend cherries that we grow in our orchards in a completely natural way, without further processing.

You can read more about farming, the process of production and storage of our products on the following link – Production.

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The varieties we produce are: Cordia, Regina.


Cordia fruit seedlings are of Czech origin. It has good fertility. Fruit is a very large, sardonic shape, dark red color. The fruit's inside is red, pure, crisp, juicy, sweet-tasting, pleasant aromas, high quality. It is relatively sensitive to cracking.


Regina cherry seedlings are native to Germany. The fruit is large, red in color, very firm inside, resistant to cracking. It tolerates winter frosts and is tolerant to cold weather conditions.

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