One apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Queen of not only winter fruit, but also all seasons, apple is a delicious and healing food. In many cultures of the world it is considered as the elixir of life. It abounds with vitamins C, A, E, K and B minerals (potassium, magnesium phosphorus, iron).

By cultivating a lot of varieties of apples on more than 200 hectares of fertile soil, the planting of densely planted trees is different from other companies, as evidenced by the fact that we are one of the biggest fruit exporters in the Balkans.

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The varieties we produce are: Golden Delicious, Red Chief, Gala, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Fuji, Braeburn, Pinova, Mairac, Idared. 


This is a very old variety, discovered in 1914 in Virginia, USA. As Stark says, who bought the license for this variety, "With this apple in your hand, you can not be sure whether you are drinking champagne or eating an apple". The fruits of the Golden Delicious variety are medium to large, conical, symmetrical and uniform in shape and velvety. The color is green-yellow while in its full ripeness gets a golden-yellow color and characteristic aroma.
The inside of the fruit is light yellow, firm, juicy and sweet - sour.


Red Chief is an American variety, which is distinguished by the size of the fruit. The fruits of this variety are large to very large, red to dark red color, which it receives in full ripeness. This very juicy, sweet and aromatic apple, in addition to the fetal and an overcoat with an attractive red color, has greenish-white inside, crispy and very aromatic taste. The firmness of the apple and the harshness of its taste is significantly different from other varieties.


The variety of Gala apples comes from the other end of the world. Compared to the previous two varieties, this attractive variety comes from New Zealand. It was obtained by crossing the Golden Delicious and Cox Orange Pippin varieties.

Gala is a very aromatic apple, which is also indicated by the fact that after Peter Jackson tried it, film's director Lord of the Rings, has solicited this variety for the whole movie set.
The size of the fruit, the thin skin and especially the mild taste, make it the right choice, especially for children. Her white flesh is crispy and juicy, and is mild, sweet and has special refreshing taste.


It is one of the most recognizable varieties of apples and certainly one of the most famous, Granny Smith apple varieties is one of the most famous fruity products that have been owed in Australia. It was found in sixties of the 19th century, and in the sixties of the 20th century it became practically synonymous with apple. The Granny Smith variety draws around its grass color, is long kept and has its versatility. This crispy apple with hard and juicy white inside has a sharp and pronounced sour taste. The fruit is large, while the color is distinctly green, which with its milling becomes brighter.


Jonagold Apple is one of the varieties of apples originated in the United States. It was obtained in the 1940s by crossing the Golden Delicious and Jonathan varieties. Jonagold apple began to be produced only in 1968 and has been one of the most popular apple varieties, primarily in Europe. Jonagold apple has a sweet sour taste with a greenish-skinned skin and its inside is crispy and juicy. The fruits of Jonagold apple ripen from mid to late September. Because of its cartilage, Jonagold apple variety is excellent in addition to refreshing fruit salads and cakes.


Fuji is one of the more attractive modern varieties of apples, originating from Japan, created in the 1940s. This variety was obtained by crossing Red Delicious and less famous Ralls Janet variety of apples, which is probably the reason for an attractive pink color. This very aromatic, juicy and crispy apple has a sweet and refreshing taste, and a medium size. Her inside gently bites and gives a special feeling from the first bite while filling mouth with juice and sweetness.


The variety of apples Braeburn originates from New Zealand, accidentally discovered as a planted seedlings. The fruit of this apples is medium-sized cone-shaped, and it has a rich and complex taste. The peel is a thin, red-green color. The inside of this variety is yellow/white color and very crispy and juicy. The taste of Braeburn apples makes other varieties have a one-dimensional taste, compared to this variety. Braeburn has a good flavor of sweet taste, which allows it to be sharp and refreshing.


Pinova is a German apple variety, created in 1965 at an agricultural institute in Dresden. This variety is a medium-sized, cuprous shaped, whose skin is in the basis is the green/yellow and covered with reddish patterns. The delicacy is sweet and sour, where this two-dimensional taste gives the feeling of benefit. The inside of this variety is yellow-white, sharply and juicy.


This apple of Swiss origin has a medium to large fruit, spherical, conical and slightly elongated shape. The peel of the fetus is greenish-yellow with doppy carmine red, which covers almost the entire surface of the fruit, below which, there is yellowish-yellow inside, exceptional firmness and succulence. The delicacy is pleasant, mild and sour, that gives the feeling of freshness.


Idared is an American variety produced by the crossing varieties Jonathan and Wag(e)ner, and it was introduced in 1942, but with us in 1961. It is a highly productive plantation variety.
The fruit is large, ball-shaped and slightly ribbed. The cup is closed, a medium-long pedicel, and the pedicel recess is medium and deep. The flower is quite thick, firm, smooth, elastic, and has the basic pale green color, mostly covered with bright reds. On the fruits that are inside the crown, the additional redness is poorly expressed. The inside is whitish, firm, juicy, sour, and of medium quality.

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