Enjoy the juicy and healthy bites of our peaches.

Peaches are a good source of vitamins A, C, E, B3 and minerals of potassium, copper and manganese, but also iron.

The quality and the juicy peach we produce are the result of the application of state-of-the-art technologies and methods.

You can read more about the cultivation, production process and storage of our products on the following link – Production.

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The varieties we produce are: Red Haven, Simfony, Maria Martha, Royal Glory.


Red Heven peach fruit plants originate in the United States. They were discovered in 1940 in Michigan by the famous Dr. Stanley Johnston. Red Haven is a "quantum leap" in breeding peaches. The original name is Redhaven Peach. The fruit is medium-sized to large, covered in a very red color. The fruit's flesh is yellow, solid, sweet, good aromas and excellent quality. The peel is partially separated from the inside. The color of the lace is yellow-red, medium frosty. It is most often used in fresh condition, for processing into compotes and juice or freezing.


Originating from the United States. It is a very rich variety that works well and regularly. The fruit is large to a very large, round shape. The peel is yellow, overlapping with 80% light and orange color. The inside is yellow, juicy, firm and aromatic.


It develops lush trees, it is very fertile. The fruit is medium-sized, round-shaped, slightly asymmetrical. The peel of the fetus is a basic dark yellow color, and is covered with an additional red color of 60% to 80% of the surface. The inside of the flesh is pale yellow, covered with red blood cells and redness along the stem, firm, very juicy, pleasant smell and taste. Fruits are well tolerated by transport.


Medium large fruits are completely covered with dark red. It has very juicy and aromatic, sweet sour taste. The inside is firm, yellow and easily separated from the pit. Matures in the second half of July.

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