Our plums conquer the whole world.

Fresh plum is rich in vitamin C (5 to 8mg per 100 grams), vitamins B6, B2, B3, K, magnesium, iron, potassium, and fiber.

Have you wondered why scientists consider plum a super fruit? This is the six reasons why the plum should be consumed daily: 1. Keeps the health of the heart; 2. Helps in the absorption of iron; 3. Improves digestion; 4. Regulates the level of sugar; 5. Helps in weight loss; 6. Keeps bone health…

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The varieties we produce are: Angelino, Felicia.


The Angelino plum is a common variety of the late season of ripening and becomes the only choice for consumers in the autumn. This is a dark red plum with pale yellow flesh and a small pit. The inside is dense and fragile, without much juice, but sweet with well-balanced taste due to long maturation time. It will not soften like other varieties of plums, which is why this variety is popular with the manufacturer, it is grateful for storage and transportation.


Felicia plum trees are an extremely large and lush varieties that tolerates drought well. The fruit is blue-purple. The inside is yellowish green, very juicy, aromatic with plenty of sugar and easily separated from the pit.