Pear – An ideal food that keeps your health.

Containing minerals and calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and manganese. Vitamin C and copper are antioxidants, so eating pears makes miracles even for our immunity.

Because of the specificity of the pear tree that requires successful cultivation, cultivation of this fruiting species is considered a noble occupation.

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The varieties we produce are: Conferance, Williams, Santa Maria, Abate Fetel.


Comes from England. The fruit is large, the average weight is about 230g. Fruit is properly pear-shaped slightly elongated, a gloss in the greenish-green, without redness on the sunny side.
The meat is pale yellow, tasty, sweet, aromatic and pleasant to eat. Thanks to our ULO (Ultra Low Oxigen) storages, we provide long-term freshness of fruit.


Fruit seedlings of the Williams pear are native to England. It has excellent adaptability, fertility and excellent fruit quality, which is why it is considered an irreplaceable variety. With modern storage technology, its consumption can be extended up to 5 months. It is used as table fruit, and also for all kinds of processing, especially for the production of brandy. The fruit is medium-sized to large with surface roughness, a base greenish color that eventually passes in a golden yellow with a slight redness on the sunny side. The meat is very juicy, melted in the mouth, has specific muscular flavors and a very pleasant taste.


Fruit seedlings of pear tree Santa Maria are native to England. It grows abundantly. The fruit is medium-sized to large, the skin is greenish-yellow with redness on the sunny side. The inside is white, juicy, sweet-sour taste, with a little aroma.


The fruit is medium-sized to a large, mass is about 190g, has a conical elongated shape, as swans neck. Scarf skin is greenish, and in the ripening, it is glazed and sprinkled with reddish dots. The meat is juicy, delicious, of medium quality.